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Benjamin Bridge Pet-Nat 250ml

Benjamin Bridge

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Origin: Gaspereau, Nova Scotia, Canada 

Blend*: "A proprietary blend of aromatic white grape varieties" 
Style: a lightly sparkling, petillant naturel style - wild yeast, finishing fermentation in the bottle (or in this case, can!) 

Producer's Notes:
The nose is elegant and inviting with floral aromas interlaced with hints of citrus. The palate is bright and lively with delicate suggestions of grapefruit rind. Brisk and refreshing, like a cool coastal breeze.

Like all pétillant naturel wines, our pet nat is perceptibly cloudy or hazy when poured. This is because the wine finishes its primary fermentation in the 250-ml can itself with yeast sediment remaining. The cloudiness is a quality marker of this natural winemaking practice.