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Claire Hill Grist Vineyard Syrah

Claire Hill

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Origin: Sonoma County, California, USA

Grapes: Syrah and Viognier

From the winemaker, who paints her own labels: "In 2021, this wine was fermented 25% whole cluster inclusion and co-fermented with about 10% Viognier. The Viognier is from an adjacent block, and was mistakenly planted in 1998 due to a nursery misidentification. The Viognier is generally a few brim behind the Syrah, and so it brings even more acid and verve to this bottling. In addition to counterintuitively darkening the wine’s color, the co-fermentation of Viognier brings out the lifted, pretty aromatics of the Syrah. This wine is aged on its fine lees for 11 months in 5th use French oak barrels.

The 2021 vintage gave wines that are particularly dense and concentrated. This wine benefits from a significant decant before serving, though only with more bottle age will it begin to show its full potential. This wine would pair beautifully with roasted duck, or Ardèchoise caillettes."